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1. 24 hours, 1 full business day, is required for approval of work authorization permit. Monday to Friday, (excluding holidays).
2. Each permit issued must be fully completed.
3. All notations must be legible and accurate.
4. The job to be done and requirements specified on the permit must be discussed with the permit issuer to ensure full understanding.
5. Any changes to the permit once it has been issued must be made to all copies and the changes discussed by the Contractor and the Operations Manager/Operations Supervisor to avoid any misunderstanding.
6. Work permits cannot extend beyond the expiry date noted on the permit. If an extension is required, a new permit must be issued.
7. Any direct violation of the terms and conditions of the permit will result in cancellation of the permit. Repeated disregard of work permit rules and regulations may result in the Contractor or workman involved being removed from the premises. This includes violation of work times, work areas and/or safety requirements, ID tradesman badge not worn, etc.
8. Only the contractors indicated on the permit are permitted to work in areas shown on this permit.
9. Keys will be issued by Security for the specific work areas noted on the permit. Keys will be picked up at the start of each, day, upon proof of identification, at the Security Control Facility. Keys will be returned at the end of each work day to the Security Control Facility.
10. All authorized workmen in the complex will be issued Tradesman identification badges at the start of each day from the Security Control Facility. These badges must be worn in plain view while on site. Any workman on site without an ID badge will be escorted to the Security Control facility. All badges will be returned at the end of each day.
11. The Contractor will maintain the work area to a standard of cleanliness acceptable to the Operations Manager and/or their designate.
12. The Landlord may require all work to be conducted and all tools and equipment stored behind screens or boarding.
13. The Contractor will strictly adhere to all "hot work" requirements and prepare all cutting and drilling or other work of a vibrant nature which will cause excessive noise, will be conducted after office hours only, 6:00pm to 7:00am, after receipt of proper clearance by the Landlord.
14. The Contractor assumes full responsibility for all keys and equipment signed out. Full replacement and direct costs associated with such loss will result in charge backs directly to the Contractor (key cutting, rekeying, etc.).
15. The Landlord will not provide the Contractor or his employees with any parking at anytime.
16. The complex is serviced by a parkade and/or adjacent lots which may have parking available to the Contractor at their own expense.
17. Access to freight elevators for the transporting of materials shall be arranged with the Security Control Facility. The Contractor is also responsible to arrange for the elevator protection pads which are available upon request.
18. The contractor shall store all paint, varnish and flammable materials in a fire-safe manner.
19. All material being moved into or out of the building shall be moved via the loading dock only.
20.The Tenant and the Tenant's Contractors and suppliers are further responsible with regard to:
· time and place of deliveries
· material handling and equipment storage
· power, heat and water supply
· clean up and garbage removal
· washroom facilities
· security of the leased premises during construction

21. All Contractors are required to evacuate the building immediately upon activation of the fire alarm system. Prior to notification will be sought by the Contractor regarding the scheduling of any fire or evacuation drills.
22. All Contractors must supply all their own equipment (ie. ladders, tools, etc.) when performing work in the building. At no time will building staff borrow any building equipment to contractors.

Work requirements for Contractors
The Operations Supervisor and Security Supervisor will be responsible for detailing the safety requirements, based on the information provided in Section A, B, C of the permit.

*1. Hot Work/Soldering Work
The use of tools, techniques or equipment which can constitute a source of ignition is referred to a "hot work". Some examples are:
· welding arcs
· tar pots
· cutting or heating torches
· stress relieving equipment
· grinding tools
· hot tapping operations
· soldering equipment (oxy acetylene or acetylene)
· open flame
· pipe cutting (flame tools)
Cutting, welding or open flame methods of work will be permitted only when all the areas identified on the permit issued by security, i.e. provide fire watch, provide stand-by extinguishers, use fire proof tarps to contain sparks, etc. The building fire alarm system must be shut down before any hot work/soldering takes place.

*2. Electrical System Work
Any work on major electrical such as primary or secondary switchgear, MCC panels. transformers, 120, 347 or 600 volt panels and devices are referred to as "electrical work". Exceptions are telephone wiring and data/communication cables. All work is to be performed in the de-energized state by qualified trace persons. All electrical disconnects, controllers, breaker switched must be isolated by padlocks or breaker locks with an associated "Do not Operate tag giving the following information:
· equipment identification
· a signature
· date
· purpose and/or permit number
The Operations Supervisor or designate will issue all required locks, tags, etc. to the Contractor at the start date of the job. The Contractor will follow proper lock out and isolation procedures at all times. Upon expiry of the permit, all equipment will be returned to the Operations Supervisor in good condition. The Contractor will notify the Operations Supervisor on a daily basis as the equipment is being returned to service as well as any extended shutdowns.

Any work which will disable any portion of the fire protection system in any way is referred to "fire system work". Examples of the fire system work are:
· Closure of sprinkler isolation valves detectors
· any hot work which may activate smoke of heat
· cutting or heating torches
· fire system testing or adjustments
· pressure reducing valve repairs or bypass conditions
· fire pump shutdown or isolation
· smoke or heat detector, pull station, annunciator, bells, speakers, or computer system repairs or modifications
The Contractor will strictly adhere to all the requirements and prepare the area as identified on the permit, i.e. provide fire watch, and standby extinguisher, etc. The Contractor will notify the Operations Manager or designate, on a day-to-day basis regarding which system or which portion of the system will be impaired, the duration for which it will be impaired and provide immediate notice when the system is being restored to service.

By submitting your information below you are stating that you understand and agree to the above terms and agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the Richardson Centre.

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